Monday, December 03, 2007

The BCS Fraud

Yesterday the BCS pairings were announced and of course I have issues with them. Lets first start with the National Title game. How can anyone say conclusively that LSU and tOSU are the two best teams in the country? What about USC? What about Georgia? They both have the same number of losses as LSU. As for the other games I have issues there as well. How can Kansas lose to Missouri a week ago be ranked lower than Missouri and still get picked for a BCS game? And 9-3 Illinois going to the Rose Bowl as an at large selection? You've got to be kidding me, this is a joke and this year more than any in the past proves that we need a playoff. So I am happy to announce for third consecutive year my bracket for a playoff to determine the real national champion in College Football. The format is the same as years past , eleven conference champions and five at large selections determined by a committee of one. Here are the first round pairings.

1. tOSU (Big 11)
16. Florida Atlantic (Sun Belt)

8. Kansas (At Large)
9. West Virginia (Big East)

5. Georgia (At Large)
12. Florida (At Large)

4. Oklahoma (Big 12)
13. BYU (Mountain West)

6. Missouri (At Large)
11. ASU (At Large)

3. Virginia Tech (ACC)
14. Central Florida (C-USA)

7. USC (Pac 10)
10. Hawaii (Wac)

2. LSU
15. Central Michigan (MAC)

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