Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Vote Cook

If you live in the 4th Congressional District in the State of Oregon, write-in Dennis M. Cook for Congress. Peter Defazio is only facing token opposition from two minor party candidates so why not vote for me?

Weekend Picks

After a long hiatus the weekend picks. I'm never right on these so please don't use these for gambling purposes. There are to picks that I sincerely hope I'm right on this week. Try to guess which two those are.

Buffalo 28 Jets 21
Chicago 35 Detroit 17
Jacksonville 21 Cincinnati 10
Baltimore 21 Cleveland 17
Tennessee 24 Green Bay 21
Tampa Bay 28 Kansas City 17
Arizona 24 ST Louis 10
Minnesota 17 Houston 14
Denver 35 Miami 28
Atalanta 24 Oakland 21
Giants 31 Dallas 27
Philadelphia 35 Seattle 31
New England 24 Indianapolis 21
Pittsburgh 28 Washington 24

Pac 10
Oregon 31 Cal 21
Stanford 45 WSU 10
USC 59 Washington 17
Oregon State 45 ASU 35

Top 25
Texas 42 Texas Tech 38
Florida 31 Georgia 28

Upset Special
McCain-Palin 273 Obama-Biden 265

Week 8 Pac 10 Rankings

Washington and Washington State are back in my rankings. I'll explain below.

1. USC- Survived a scare from Arizona. I don't expect Washington to put up much of a fight.
2. Oregon- Could this year be the opposite of years past? Slow start, Strong finish.
3. OS(U)- I would love to see ASU go into Corvallis and get a victory.
4. Arizona- The Wildcats put up a fight against the Trojans but fell short.
5. Cal- The Bears got a win but they were playing UCLA
6. Stanford- Could the Cardinal go Bowling this winter? Yes, there is strong possibility that some Stanford football players will go to a bowling Alley this winter.
7. UCLA- The Bruins just aren't very good.
8. ASU- I thought Judy Carpenter was supposed to be good?
9. Washington- They fired Ty Willingham. That alone gets them back into my rankings.
10. WSU- The Cougs didn't lose!!!!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Week 7 Pac 8 Rankings

1. USC- My gut tells me they'll be in the BCS Title Game
2. OS(U)- I wish someone in the Pac 10 would beat the rodents so irrational beaver fan will shut up.
3. Oregon- Oregon is something like 13-1 coming off bye weeks in the Bellotti era.
4. Arizona- The Mildcats are one win from Bowl eligibility
5. Cal- Memo to the Bears- They play two halves in college football.
6. UCLA- The Bruins finally showed up for a game.
7. Stanford- Stick to Academics!!!
8. ASU- Bad news for the Sun Devils, Oregon is 13-1 coming off of bye weeks under Bellotti.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Running Update

It's been over a week since I completed the marathon and my body is mostly healed. On Saturday I ran in the Duck Dash 5k. I ran it about 24 minutes, which is really slow but since I was sick and still recovering from the Marathon I'll take it. My next race is a half marathon on October 25 in Phoenix, AZ. I was planning on leaving the running shoes at home when I went Phoenix but I discovered there was a race so I figured I'll give it a shot. You can keep track of all my running adventures on my new page on

Week 6 Pac 8 Rankings

Neither Washington or Washington State has earned their way back into my rankings, so for the third straight week it is the Pac 8.

1. USC- Duh
2. Cal- Should have no problem with the lowly Bruins
3. Stanford- This the highest the Nerds have been ranked in my weekly rankings
4. OS(U)- Great win against Pulman Community College
5. Oregon- They may be 5-2 but they've beat five terrible teams.
6. Arizona- The Mildcats are two wins from Bowl eligibility
7. ASU- Judy Carpenter and the Sun Devils were supposed to compete for the Pac 10 title. now they'll be lucky to play in a bowl game.
8. UCLA- If not for a gift from the officials the game in Eugene wouldn't have been close.

Monday, October 06, 2008

Week 5 Pac 8 rankings

Last week I excluded the Huskies and Cougars from my weekly rankings. I have decided to continue that this week because neither team has showed they belong in the Pac 10.

1. USC- The Trojans made quick work of Nick Aliotti's pathetic defense.
2. Cal- The Bears look to be the team to beat in the Pac 10 after the Trojans.
3. OS(U)- Nice choke job against Utah!
4. Oregon- If Mike Bellotti won't fire Nick Aliotti then Pat Kilkenny should fire Mike Bellotti.
5. Arizona- The four teams the Wildcats have beat are a combined 4-17.
6. Arizona St- The Sun Devils are the biggest disappointment in the conference.
7. Stanford- At least they beat the Beavers.
8. UCLA- I must admit that I enjoy watching a Rick Neuheisel coached team struggle.

Sunday, October 05, 2008

26.2 x 5

Most people will never run a single Marathon in their lifetime. As of today I have completed five of them. This one was nothing impressive. I ran it in four hours and twelve miute.s but I finished. It was short of my goal, but 18 minutes faster than my disasterous Eugene Marathon. Eventually I'll get back to running them in 3:30 but for today I'll take 4:12.

Thursday, October 02, 2008

Weekend Picks

Before I get to my picks I have another rant on OS(U). Enough of the Thursday night games, Beavers!! College football is played on Saturdays. I can think of four duck games in the last ten years played on Thursday. The Beavers are playing their third Thursday game this season.

New York Giants 30 Seattle 14
Philadelphia 24 Washington 21
Miami 24 San Diego 20
Carolina 31 Kansas City 17
Tennessee 35 Baltimore 20
Indianapolis 17 Houston 14
Chicago 13 Detroit 10
Green Bay 24 Atlanta 14
Denver 35 Tampa Bay 31
Dallas 45 Cincinnati 14
Buffalo 24 Arizona 21
New England 17 San Fransisco 14
Jacksonville 17 Pittsburgh 10
New Orleans 21 Minnesota 20

Pac 10
Utah 31 OS(u) 14
Stanford 24 Notre Dame 21
Cal 24 ASU 21
Arizona 31 Washington 24
Oregon 35 SUC 31 (Homer pick of the week)

Top 25
Auburn 17 Vanderbilt 13
Wisconsin 21 tOSU 17