Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Week 6 Pac 8 Rankings

Neither Washington or Washington State has earned their way back into my rankings, so for the third straight week it is the Pac 8.

1. USC- Duh
2. Cal- Should have no problem with the lowly Bruins
3. Stanford- This the highest the Nerds have been ranked in my weekly rankings
4. OS(U)- Great win against Pulman Community College
5. Oregon- They may be 5-2 but they've beat five terrible teams.
6. Arizona- The Mildcats are two wins from Bowl eligibility
7. ASU- Judy Carpenter and the Sun Devils were supposed to compete for the Pac 10 title. now they'll be lucky to play in a bowl game.
8. UCLA- If not for a gift from the officials the game in Eugene wouldn't have been close.


Jon & Chris said...

Have I ever admitted that I'm addicted to your blog and love these posts?

Joanne said...

I will have to tell you the Bruins play Stanford this week buddy!