Thursday, February 28, 2008

Duck Basketball

One of my favorite whipping boys over the past couple years has been Oregon Head Basketball Coach Ernie Kent. Two years ago I called for him to be fired and was outraged when then AD Bill Moos decided to keep him. Last year I laid off a bit as the Ducks made a run deep into NCAA tournament but even with that run I wasn't giving Coach Kent a ringing endorsement. That brings us to this year, as it stands now the ducks will not be playing in the NCAA tournament. With four starters returning from a team that made it to the elite 8 a year ago this is unacceptable. With Knight Court opening at the start of the 2010 season something needs to change. One good year every four years isn't going do much to help fill the new arena. If the Ducks finish strong, I'll be okay with him getting another year but If they don't I'll have a "Few" reasons why a coaching change is necessary.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

A Big Purchase

On October 31, 2007 I took Carrie's car for a quick trip to the Grocery Store. That trip ended up not being so quick as the car died right after I pulled out of the store parking lot. The car was on it's last leg anyway but we were hoping it would survive just a bit longer. Not wanting to put another dime into "Carcia" as Carrie so affectionatly called it, it sat parked in the parking lot of our apartment until I finally sold it to someone on Craigslist. From October 31 until today we were a one car family. I can honestly say that it sucked only having one car, since I went back to work in January I've been walking to work most days which isn't fun considering that I have to be to work at 6:00 AM. We've been looking for a second for a while now and after visiting a couple shady dealerships I was tired of car shopping.

Yesterday my wife found a car online, she called on it and scheduled a time to go look at it. I ran some books on it and determined that we were getting a pretty good deal on it. We showed up at the dealership after work, took the car for a test drive and decided to go for it. When we walked inside the nice salesman named Jerry got us started on the paperwork. Then came the nervous moments waiting for the financing to come through, which I knew would be no problem whatsoever but I still hated sitting there waiting. Once the financing was all approved Jerry passed us off to the finance manager Will to close the deal. Since Will was a former Duck Offensive Lineman I like him right away. He went over all the terms of the deal, tried to sell us on backend product (industry lingo for extended warranties ect)which I respectfully declined and then closed the deal. We signed all the paperwork and Carrie got her new car a 2005 Mazda 6 and I get my 2002 Protege back. Here is a picture of Carrie's (mine too) new car.

Friday, February 22, 2008

Why you shouldn't propose in front of large crowds

While I do feel bad for the poor guy but unless you're absolutely 100% sure she'll say yes you should never propose in this manner. One more thing, I understand she didn't want to marry him but she have said yes and then told him no later when 20,00 people weren't watching.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

OS(U) Basketball

I've resisted ripping on the OS(U) basketball team because it would be too easy. OS(U) is so bad most of their fans deny the existence of a basketball program. As of today the beavs are 0-13 in the Pac 10 and are on track to become the first 0-18 team ever in the Pac 10. Personally, I am cheering for them in their pursuit of history. 0-18 would be an impressive accomplishment that the whole state of Oregon could take great pride in. With all that success they've been having up Corvallis, one would think that their players would lay off the trash talk. Not the Beavers, instead of me rehashing what happened last weekend I'll let Jim Rome tell you. You'll have to hear about Kelvin Sampson and Coach K first but it's worth watching.

What's wrong with this picture?

I purchased this from the dollar section at Target but there's something that I find really disturbing about it. Can you figure out what I'm referring to?

Monday, February 11, 2008

Who will I vote for?

Since my party's nominee for President will have long been decided by the time I vote on or around May 20, I've decided that I will write someone in on my ballot. First I don't want anyone critcizing me for not taking the proccess seriously because I do take this proccess seriously. I'm just a little ticked that unless I switch parties my vote on May 20 will be completely meaningless. After much thought and consideration I've made a decision on who I will be voting for. I guess you could call this the official presdential endorsement.

The individual I'm voting for resides in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. He has arguably been the most successful person in his line of work this decade. Considered a genius by many he is the finest strategist there is in his line of work. Although he recently suffered a stunning defeat, I feel he is the right man to lead this country. Through his career shown the abilty to be an outstanding leader. On top of those qualities he has always been on the cutting edge of fashion. I ask all members of my party in the State of Oregon to join me on May 20 in voting for Bill Belichick for President of the United States of America.

Marathon Update

While I haven't forked over the entry fee yet, I have made the decision to run the Eugene Marathon. I've been training for now for three weeks and while I not entirely happy with my progress I'm making strides and I feel that I can certainly beat my my time from Newport a year ago. A PR will have to wait until Portland in the fall. My goal is to get myself back to my 2006 form, to accomplish that I'm using the same formula I strategy that I used back then which is to reduce calories and increase my workout volume (for the record I'm drinking a beer while typing.

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

A Thought on Primaries

For the most part I've stayed away from Politics on this blog however something is really annoying me right now so I am going to blog about it. On May 20, 2008 the state of Oregon will hold it Presidential primary on or around that day (Oregon is vote by mail state) I will cast a vote for the particular person I want representing my Party in November. Here's the problem, yesterday someone practically wrapped up my Party's nomination, meaning that when I cast my vote for President in May it will be meaningless. Hopefully something changes is the next four years because this is ridiculous. If it doesn't I might move to Iowa in 2012 so that my vote actually means something (don't worry Carrie, I'm not really considering a move to Iowa).

Monday, February 04, 2008

So Long Bobby Knight

Today the legendary and highly contreversial Texas Tech basketball coach Bob Knight resigned. In honor of coach Knight here is a collection of some of his memorable soundbites.

Saturday, February 02, 2008


Here is the very disturbing you tube video that I posted a year ago.

Super Bowl prediction

Keeping with long standing tradition I have once again changed the color scheme of my blog to represent the team that I'm cheering for in the Super Bowl. This year year I'm cheering for the Patriots and predicting not only a win but a huge win. The third born son of Archie Manning has no chance against the Patriots. The score will be Patriots 42 Giants 13.