Wednesday, February 20, 2008

OS(U) Basketball

I've resisted ripping on the OS(U) basketball team because it would be too easy. OS(U) is so bad most of their fans deny the existence of a basketball program. As of today the beavs are 0-13 in the Pac 10 and are on track to become the first 0-18 team ever in the Pac 10. Personally, I am cheering for them in their pursuit of history. 0-18 would be an impressive accomplishment that the whole state of Oregon could take great pride in. With all that success they've been having up Corvallis, one would think that their players would lay off the trash talk. Not the Beavers, instead of me rehashing what happened last weekend I'll let Jim Rome tell you. You'll have to hear about Kelvin Sampson and Coach K first but it's worth watching.

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