Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Maybe Oregon is a Basketball School

Last season I was highly critical of University of Oregon Basketball team and specifically its head coach Ernie Kent. While I still think a change should have been made at the end of last season, I have to give Coach and the team some credit for the way they have played so far this season. The Ducks are now 6-0 after a 57-50 victory on the road over #18 Georgetown tonight. I'm still taking a wait see approach with this team but hope tonight is a sign of things to come.

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Viva Las Vegas

Although it does very little to ease the pain of an awful season, the Ducks accepted an invitation to play the BYU Cougars in the Pioneer PureVision Las Vegas Bowl on December 21, 2006. If anyone wants to contribute to the send Dennis to Las Vegas fund please let me know because your charitable donations are the only way in which I will be able to attend.

Why Not a Playoff?

This Sunday the pairings for the five BCS Bowl games will be announced. As usual there will be much controversy over the teams playing in the championship game. It is almost a forgone conclusion that when USC beats UCLA that the Trojans will be selected to play Ohio State in the BCS title game. While Ohio State is clearly the number one team in college football, is USC the clearcut number two? The answer to that question is no. What makes USC a better team than Florida or Michigan? They're both one loss teams why aren't either one of those teams number two. The answer, because a few computers, ex players and coaches (Harris Poll) and a bunch of current coaches who have more important things to worry about than how a team across the country is playing, say so. Since it's inception in 1998 the BCS has had some sort of controversy almost every year. Teams such as Cal, Oregon and USC have been wronged by this flawed system. Why not have a playoff so championships are settled on the field of play rather than by some computer? I have yet to hear a valid argument on why college football should not have a playoff.

There are four main arguments that I have heard against a playoff. The first one I have heard is a playoff will cause players to miss too much class time. Class time is important but players would never have to miss more than one day of class in a given week to go to an out of town playoff game. Plus many schools will be in Christmas break during much of the playoffs so players would miss very little class time. Division 1AA, Division II and Division three all have a playoff format to decide their championship yet missed class time doesn't seem to be an issue to them. The NCAA awards 88 championships in 23 different sports all of which have some sort of tournament in which an athlete may miss class. If it is such a big deal for Division IA football then why isn't it a big deal for the 88 other championships? Sounds like a poor excuse to me.

Another reason is Bowl tradition. For years the minor bowls were played before New Years day and the major bowl games were played on New Years day. This years Bowl Schedule features six games after New Years day. Then there's the Rose Bowl which traditionally has had the Pac Ten and Big Ten team champions. In recent years Texas, Oklahoma and Miami have played in the Rose Bowl. This years Rose Bowl will feature the Big 10 runner up and another team such as Notre Dame or LSU. There are also way too many Bowl Game, is there any tradition in San Diego County Credit Union Poinsettia Bowl, The Bell Hellicopter Armed Forces Bowl, The Bowl or The Meineke Car Care Bowl. In case you haven't figured it out yet, what I'm getting at here is that there no longer any tradition left in the Bowl Games.

Many people say that a playoff would diminsh the importance of the regular season. A playoff in no way is going to diminish the importance of the regular season. If you had a sixteen team playoff including eleven conference champions and five at large teams, the regular season will remain just as important. If you don't win your conference it's going to be awfully difficult for a team to get in so they better win every game if they want to be guarenteed a playoff spot.

The fourth arguement I commonly hear is that it would make it more difficult and expensive for fans to travel. As a fan I can understand this arguement, with a playoff it would make it difficult to make travel plans but I would argue that Basketball fans seem to have no problem doing it. Under my plan the first two rounds would be played at the stadium of the higher seeded team. Meaning that only half of the fans would have to make travel arrangements. Some fans may have some tough choices to make but I just don't see this as a reason not to have a playoff.

The real reason why there is no playoff in college football is money. There is so much money from corperate sponsors and TV revenue in these bowl games that the conference commisioners and University Presidents are afraid to implement a playoff. It is my belief that a playoff would be just as lucrative or even more lucrative than the current system. Major sponsor would be lining for the right to have their name on the playoff and I'm sure that ESPN/ABC would put up a lot of cash for the right to show the games on TV. The legendary singer/songwriter George Harrison once sang "all things must pass", the bowl system was good for its time but its time has passed.

Friday, November 24, 2006

A horrible ending to an allready horrible season

I really have nothing to say about it.

Random Thought from Corvallis

What does a housing studies major do?

OSU Joke of the Day

It's time for my final beaver joke of the day. Why doesn't osu have ice on the sideline?

Because the guy with the recipe graduated!

Thursday, November 23, 2006

My Civil War Prediction

Oregon 27
Oregon State 24

OSU Joke of the Day

How many OSU students does it take to screw in a light bulb

Just one but he gets four credits for it

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

OSU Joke of the Day

What did the OSU grad say to the U of O grad?

Would you like fries with that?

Tuesday, November 21, 2006


After sitting through the cold on Saturday watching my Ducks get crushed at home by an inferior team I said there was no way I was going to try to find a ticket for the Civil War. As the game got closer I started thinking that I really wanted to go. This morning I bid on and won a pair of tickets on Ebay for $91 only to have the seller back out on the deal and yes I did ruin his previously perfect feedback rating for that move. After that I pretty much gave up on going to the game until I got word that the University of Oregon was putting a very limited tickets on sale, so I went to and purchased one ticket for $60 and now I will making about a five satop in Corvallis on my way to Portland on Friday.

POST 200!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It's true I've posted 200 times on this dumb blog in the eleven months since I started it. In honor of post 200, let's take a look back at some of my best posts since I reached 100 posts months ago.

A Heroic Performance

Year in Review Part I

An Inspirational Story

My Thoughts on Oregon-Oklahoma

Soccer: What a Joke

Beaver Nation

In Honor of Civil War Week

I wonder how many Beaver fans frequent this place.

OSU Joke of the Day

Why do OSU Grads hang their diploma in their rear view mirror?

So they can park in the Handicap spot

Monday, November 20, 2006

Sports Highlight of the Night

This video is of 5'9" Nate Robinson of the Knicks and 7'5" Yao Ming of the Rockets.

Football Fashion II

Last week I bashed Patriots head coach Bill Belichick for showing up to work dressed like he's going for a morning jog. This week I want to give props to San Fransisco 49ers coach Mike Nolan (who happens to be a University of Oregon Alumn) and Jacksonville Jaguars coach Jack Del Rio for wearing suits and ties for this weekends games. It used to be common for coaches to wear suits on the sidelines. Hall of Fame coaches George Halas, Tom Landry and Vince Lombardi always wore suits. In recent years NFL rules did not allow coaches to wear suits due to their apparel contract with Reebok. The NFL has agreed to allow Nolan and Del Rio Reebok issued suits for two games this year and hopefully it's something they approve for the whole season next year.

A new color for a new day

Since today is a new day, I have changed the background of my blog yet again. In honor of the Ducks being the visiting team in the 110th Northwest Dodge Dealers Civil War, I have gone with a white background for the week.

OSU Joke of the Day

What does an OSU Student and a bottle of Beer have in common?

They're both empty from the neck up.

Sunday, November 19, 2006

OSU Joke of the Day

How do you get an Oregon State grad off your front porch?

Pay for the Pizza

One Year Ago Today

Much happier times

Black Sunday

Yesterday was perhaps the worst Football game I have ever witnessed at Autzen Stadium. As a result I have changed the background to black. I have also accepted the fact that the Ducks are probably going to lose to the Beavers and that makes me ill.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Another Classy Coach

"We lost but at least we took out a couple of their quarterbacks."

That quote is courtesy of Arizona football coach Mike Stoops reffering to last year's Oregon-Arizona game in which starter Kellen Clemens broke his leg and backup Dennis Dixon suffered a concussion. Clemens college career was ended in that game and Stoops is gloating about it. What a jerk!

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Football Fashion

I don't claim to be a fashion expert by any stretch of the imagination but after watching highlights of New Jets and New England Patriots, I feel compelled to comment on the sideline attire of Patriots coach Bill Belichick.

While most coaches where slacks and a team polo or coat when it's cold or wet, Belichick shows up to work wearing warmup pants and an old hoodie with the sleeves cut off at the elbow. I know football can be cold, wet and muddy but is it too much to ask of a guy to show up to work not looking like he just woke up and pulled his clothes from the bottom of the dirty laundry pile?

Monday, November 13, 2006

Back to normal

ESPN has been a part of my life since its inception in 1980. Until last April I don't remember anytime in my life when I did not have ESPN. I saw the network grow from a single station that showed sports such as Australian rules football, Auto racing, Yacht Racing and Hockey to the family of networks it is today.

When I moved to my current residence back in April I decided to go with basic cable which does not include ESPN. What did I do for the last seven months without it? I ran two marathons, started dating a wonderful girl, got a library card and watched network TV shows such as Dancing With the Stars and The Bachelor. It was strange not turning on my TV to watch sportscenter every night as I had much of my life but I survived OK.

About two weeks ago while watching television my wonderful cable provider comcast aired a commercial in which they advertising a special. The very next day I dialed 1-800-COMCAST to arrange to have my cable TV upgraded. Last Friday morning the cable guy showed up and got everything installed and now after seven months without it, I once again have my ESPN.

Only in America

Fantasy Football

For some reason I can't beat my friend Justin (don't bother clicking on his name because he never updates his blog) in anything. That all changed yesterday when I beat him in Fantasy football 84-56. That amazing victory puts me in a three way tie for first and I do plan on winning the league.

Nice Shot!

Here's a highlight from yesterday's Duck Basketball game, this is 5'6" freshman Tajuan Porter at the end of the first half.

Soccer Update

The Houston Dynamo beat the New England Revolution in the MLS Cup final today. Instead of celebrating with champagne like they do in real sports they sprayed each other with capri sun. The ten people that care in Houston are ecstatic.

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Hope For Duck Basketball?

I know it's only Portland State that they beat today but after comparing the box scores from today's game and last year's game against Portland State, I have a little bit of hope. What a difference a year makes!

2005 Oregon vs PSU box score

2006 Oregon vs PSU box score

For a trip down memory lane here's my blog entry after that horrible game in December of 2005.
Duck Basketball December 27, 2005

Pete Carroll: A Real Class Act

Monday, November 06, 2006

An Injustice

Normally when I write about soccer I'm making fun of it but today an injustice happened in womens college soccer and I along with many fans of University of Oregon Athletics are ticked. In one of the biggest post season snubs in Pac 10 history the University of Oregon women's soccer team did not receive an invitation to the 64 team NCAA tournament. This is the number 17 ranked Ducks who finished second in the Pac 10 coming off a weekend in which they swept the LA schools including the 2-1 overtime victory over the number three ranked and Pac 10 champion UCLA Bruins. The third, fifth and sixth place team in the conference all received invitations but not the second place team. This is a load of crap and NCAA has a lot of explaining to do!

Saturday, November 04, 2006

Gameday Breakfast

Two waffles, four pieces of sausage and Widmer Hefeweizen. It doesn't get any better.

October 22, 1994

It's a day that I will always remember. I was sitting in with my parents in the west endzone of autzen watching my beloved Ducks take on the hated Washington Huskies. After watching the Ducks take the lead on 98 yard scoring drive, I witnessed the Huskies march down to the Oregon eight yard line. It looked as if the huskies were going to steal another victory from the ducks, they had the had the bowl first and goal with an all american running back. What happened next forever changed Oregon football. On first and goal, huskie quarterback Damon Huard threw a pass towards the endzone but a freshman corner by the name of Kenny Wheaton stepped in front that pass at three yard line and took the ball 97 yards for an Oregon touchdown. Without "The Pick" the Ducks don't beat Washington, they probabably don't go to the Rose Bowl, no Rose Bowl means Oregon football continues in mediocrity and the winningest era in Oregon football never happens.

Friday, November 03, 2006

I Hate the Huskies!!!!!

That's really all I have to say about about Washington.