Monday, July 10, 2006

Soccer: What a Joke!

I am so happy that this joke of a soccer tournament is finally over. Yesterday's final proved what I've been saying all along, "soccer sucks". How is it that a sport can end their biggest game, a game that only happens once every four years, in a shootout? Why not keep playing until someone scores a goal? Was the capri sun getting warm? Were the orange slices starting to dry out? Could you imagine baseball settling game seven of the world series with a home run derby? Maybe the NBA could settle a tie in the finals with a game of horse. A shootout is in no way is a test of skill, it is all about which team gets lucky. Neither team's goalie was able to get a stop yesterday, Italy won because a french player kicked a ball about an inch too high. Fortunately for all of us we don't have to hear about this riduclous sport for four more years, and maybe if we're lucky the US won't qualify for it!

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jessybel said...

whatever dude. but yes, i think it would be great if nba overtimes were cut out with a game of horse. i would even be okay the game pig. at least wins or losses wouldn't be determined by the blind refs.