Monday, July 10, 2006

The Major League All Star Game

Tommorrow is the annual Major League Baseball All Star Game. Of the three major sports Baseball has the best all star game. That being said I do have some issues with it.

First is the rule that every team has to be represented. This is ridiculous, All Star games are for the best players, if a team does not have someone deserving of All Star appearence they shouldn't be represented. The 31-56 Kansas City Royals have no one worthy of being named to the All Star team however because of this rule a 6-4 pitcher with 5.27 ERA was selected to the All Star game.

My other problem is the fact that home field adavantage for the World Series is awarded to the winning league. An exhibition game in July should have absolutely no impact on the World Series. Home field adavantage should be given to the team with the best record, that's the way Basketball doesn't and it seems to work just fine for them.

If those two small issues could be corrected the Major League Baseball All Star Game would be great but for now it just very good which is more than can be said about the Pro Bowl or the NBA All Star Game.

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