Thursday, July 27, 2006

Tour de Fraud?

News broke this morning that this year's Tour de France winner failed a drug test because of that news I have removed all mention of him on my blog. This combined with a scandal that sent many top contenders home before the race even started is a black eye for the sport. It is my hope that he did not do anything wrong and that his name will cleared but at this point it doesn't look good.

The sports media has been raising the question today whether or not today's news should make us more suspicious of seven time winner Lance Armstrong and I say absolutely not. Lance has been tested over 300 times in his career and has never once had a positive test. Many of the allegations against him have been discredited and he has even won court cases against his accusers. While athletes like Barroid Bonds hide behind attornies, Armstrong has fought every single allegation against him and has been cleared of wrong doing every time. This years tour may have been a fraud but I have no reason to believe that the previous seven were.

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