Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Semifinal Results

USC 35
Oklahoma 31

Florida 31
Texas 30

Playoffs Round 2

Oklahoma 35
Penn State 14

USC 28
Virginia Tech 14

Texas 42
TCU 24

Florida 42
Texas Tech 38

Tuesday, December 30, 2008


A great day to be a DUCK!!!!!!!!!

Playoffs Round One

I apologize for my lack of updating you all on my playoffs. Here are the first round results:

Oklahoma 59
Buffalo 12

Penn State 24
Boise State 21

USC 35
Cincinnati 14

Virginia Tech 24
Alabama 17

Texas 55
East Carolina 10

Utah 17
TCU 20

Texas Tech 49
tOSU 21

Florida 49
Troy 7

Friday, December 19, 2008

Playoff time

Since the very start of this lame blog of mine I have pushed for a playoff in college football. My very first post three years addressed this exact subject. Now even the President Elect is calling for a playoff. No disrespect to President-Elect Obama, but my 16 team playoff is better than his 8 team plan. The plan is quite simple. Each of the eleven conference champions will get an automatic birth, and there will be five at large teams as well. I have taken the time to seed all sixteen teams and ever I will post the winners. On New Years Day I crown the Champion.

1. Oklahoma (Big 12 Champion)
16. Buffalo (MAC Champion)

8. Penn State (Big 11 Champion)
9. Boise State (WAC Champion)

5. USC (Pac 10 Champion)
12. Cincinnati (Big Least Champion)

4. Alabama (At Large)
13. Virginia Tech (ACC Champion)

3. Texas (At Large)
14. East Carolina (Conference USA Champion)

6. Utah (Mountain West Champion)
11. TCU (At Large)

7. Texas Tech (At Large)
10. Ohio State (At large)

2. Florida (SEC Champion)
15. Troy (Sun Belt Champion)

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

My Final Pac 10 Rankings

1. USC- I'm getting really sick of them winning the Pac 10 every year
2. Oregon- Early prediction for 2009: Oregon Ducks Pac 10 Champs!
3. Oregon State- I have a couple of things here. Mike Riley did not deserve Pac 10 coach of the year. My second complaint is How is Jaquizz Rodgers the pac 10 Offensive Player of the year when he's only the third best running back in the State of Oregon?
4. Cal- Memo to Jaquizz Rodgers: Please send Jahvid Best his Pac 10 Offensive player of the year award.
5. Arizona- I finally found a coach that's crazier than Mike Stoops. It's Kansas State Basketball Coach Bill Martin.
6. ASU- Weren't the Sun Devils supposed to be good?
7. Stanford- The Cardinal improved this year but....
8. UCLA- It won't be long before the Bruins rise to the top but NCAA may be knocking on their door shortly after that.
9. WSU- Co-Defensive Coordinator/Assistant Head Coach Chris Ball was on the staff at Western Oregon during my brief career with the Wolves. I didn't like him. Washington State ranked 97th in scoring defense, 67th in rush defense, 93rd in pass defense and 85th in total defense out 119 teams.
10.Washington- 0-12 is quite the accomplishment.

Monday, December 01, 2008