Friday, December 19, 2008

Playoff time

Since the very start of this lame blog of mine I have pushed for a playoff in college football. My very first post three years addressed this exact subject. Now even the President Elect is calling for a playoff. No disrespect to President-Elect Obama, but my 16 team playoff is better than his 8 team plan. The plan is quite simple. Each of the eleven conference champions will get an automatic birth, and there will be five at large teams as well. I have taken the time to seed all sixteen teams and ever I will post the winners. On New Years Day I crown the Champion.

1. Oklahoma (Big 12 Champion)
16. Buffalo (MAC Champion)

8. Penn State (Big 11 Champion)
9. Boise State (WAC Champion)

5. USC (Pac 10 Champion)
12. Cincinnati (Big Least Champion)

4. Alabama (At Large)
13. Virginia Tech (ACC Champion)

3. Texas (At Large)
14. East Carolina (Conference USA Champion)

6. Utah (Mountain West Champion)
11. TCU (At Large)

7. Texas Tech (At Large)
10. Ohio State (At large)

2. Florida (SEC Champion)
15. Troy (Sun Belt Champion)

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