Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Back to Normal

I know that there were some concerned people when they came to my blog and saw the OSU Beaver logo just under my title and post entiled go beavers with the words to the OSU fight song. Don't worry I was just joking around it was similar to the load of BS that I gave you all back in January about being a seahawk fan.

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

An Amusing Video

This dude has some serious issues.

Go Beavers!!!

OSU, our hats are off to you
Beavers, Beavers, fighters through and through
We'll root for every man, we'll cheer for every stand
That's made for old OSU.
Watch our team go tearing down the field
Men of iron, their strength will never yield.
Hail, hail, hail, hail Hail to old OSU.
OSU BEAVERS 2006 NCAA Baseball National Champions

Softball Update

My team had a breakthrough game last night beating the "Cats With Bats" 17-12. I was tempted to wear my yellow shorts but in the end I went with black ones. I did go with a different pair of shoes, ditching the traditional black ones in favor of bright red ones. I also wore my sunglasses with orange lenses even though it was dark most of the game. I was 4-4 for the game all my hits were singles, two of them were infield singles that I beat the throw something that I could not have done a year ago. No game next week in honor of the fourth of July, so check back in two weeks for my next update.

Monday, June 26, 2006

Rodents 3 Tar Heels 2


OSU still needs 11 National titles to catch up with the Ducks!

Carolina on my Mind

Here comes Carolina-lina.
Here comes Carolina-lina.
We hail from NCU.
We've got the spirit in it.
We've got the team to win it.
We wear the colors white and blue,
So it's fight, fight, fight for Carolina
As Davey did in days of old
As we gather round the Well
Cheer that Tar Heel team like hell
For the glory of NCU.

I'm a Tar Heel born.
I'm a Tar Heel bred.
And when I die I'll be a Tar Heel dead.
So it's rah rah Carolina-lina.
Rah rah Carolina-lina.
Rah rah Carolina-lina--go to hell State!


Sunday, June 25, 2006

OSU "Rodent" Baseball

The Oregon State "Rodents" as I affectionately call them are in the championship series of the College World Series. A lot of my fellow Duck fans are cheering for them, I am not. I've heard the arguements such Oregon doesn't even have a baseball team or the OSU team is loaded with kids from the state of Oregon. I honestly don't care how many kids on that team are from Oregon, I don't care that the U of O doesn't even have a Baseball team. As long as a team is wearing Balck and Orange uniforms that say Beavers on them I can't cheer for them.

Saturday, June 24, 2006

"The Beautiful Game"

So I know I've been a little hard on the so called "beautiful game" on this blog, so this morning after my run I decided to give it another chance. I turned my television over to Univision since I don't have ESPN and sat down and watched Mexico play Argentina. It was 1-1 in the first half when I turned the game on, I thought this could be interesting. What I was subjected to was some of most boring television I've ever watched. For over an hour I've watch a bunch of dudes with bad haircuts kick this stupid ball around, I do not see how people can actually find this exciting. This makes two hours of Senate debate on CSPAN look exciting (Argentina just scored, Thank God it's finally over!!). Since (Wait they're still playing! Could someone please explain to me how this dumb overtime they use works?) I started watching the game I had time to walk to the local convience store, take a nap, talk to my girlfriend on the phone, make lunch and take a shower before I saw a goal scored. This sport is awful please give me football, baseball, basketball, nascar, poker, strongman competitions, hot dog eating contests anything but soccer!

Thursday, June 22, 2006

0-3 (I refuse to recognize the tie, it's a loss!)

Congratulations to what was being touted as the best USA Soccer team ever. Their performance in that soccer tournament over in Germany has set soccer back about twenty years in this country and I couldn't happier about it. It was a brilliant performance by team USA and their coach Bruce Arena.

I must mention that I predicted a three and out on this blog on April 11, 2006:

"If the US doesn't step it up in 58 days (thanks Justin for the countdown clock) it's going to be three and out for Bruce Arena's boys in the World Cup."

Soccer Update Dennis' Daily Rant April 11, 2006

I know I was a little hard on my friend Justin on this blog earlier this week, actually it was his Braves but I feel like I would be doing a disservice to my readers if I didn't post his comment in response to my prediction:

"3 and out. Sounds like Jake Plummeter's Broncos, not the ranked-higher-than-England USA soccer program."

Justin Ubel April 11, 2006

Jake Plummer's Broncos were one win from playing for a championship while that "ranked-higher-than-England USA soccer program." performed about as well as Walter Mondale did in the 1984 Presidential election .

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Football Fashion

Since I have a ten minute break I've decided to take a moment and comment on the new Duck Football uniforms which were unveiled today. This is third major redesign of the Duck Uniforms since 1999. I'm sure most people will think these are ugly much like they did the previous uniforms but I actually like them. They're different and I think that's why I like them. Don't get me wrong I'm a huge fan of the simple traditional uniforms that you see at USC, Notre Dame, Penn State and Michigan, the Oregon uniform style would never work at one of those schools but for Oregon they work because as we all know Oregon is different.

Oregon Takes Next Step in Uniform Development

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Atlanta Braves Progress Report

About a month ago Justin Ubel promised periodic updates on the progress of the Atlanta Braves. Since that post I have yet to see another update on the braves on his blog. I know he's been busy with the kitchen and vacation and all so I figured since our blogs have a lot of common readers that I would go ahead and provide you all with an update. As of right now (5:27 PM PDT June 20, 2006) the Braves sit in last plast in the NL east only 13.5 games behind the division leading New York Mets. It's also worth noting that they have lost seven straight. It looks like this will be the year that their meaningless streak of 14 straight division titles comes to an end. If Justin fails to provide updates on the braves in the future don't worry because I will gladly keep all of you up to date.


We got waxed 25-9! An all around frustrating game where I went 0-1 for the game, committed an error in the field and had a brief venting of my frustation during the game. Hopefully I get more than one plate appearance next week otherwise I may ask for a trade to a contender.

On a related note despite my readers voting for the lightning yellow shorts I ended up wearing black shorts last night. In the end there was only one vote that counted.

Monday, June 19, 2006

Sometimes I'm an Idiot

When I do something stupid I have no problem making fun of myself for it. Before work today, I decided it was time to empty my trash. So on my way out the door I grabbed the trash bag and in my other hand I was holding my lunch. When I got to the dumpster I threw away not only my trash but also my lunch. Instead of dumpster diving for my lunch I decided to pack another lunch, what a waste! I guess I shouldn't take my trash out while carrying my lunch next time.

Sunday, June 18, 2006

Another Reason I Don't Like Soccer

The US played Italy to 1-1 tie today, which raises the question why isn't there overtime in soccer? I've never gotten a soccer apoligist to give me a legitimate answer to this question. Football, Baseball, Basketball and hockey all use some sort of overtime. A tie is meaningless in my mind it's not any better than a loss. Hey soccer people you could make your sport far more exciting if you added a sudden death overtime to break ties.

Friday, June 16, 2006

Tony Dungy: Amazing Grace

I found this story on I have to admit I was never much of a fan of Tony Dungy or the Indianapolis Colts but after reading this story I had to ask myself, how can I not cheer for this guy? Here's the link to it, I definately think it's worth checking out.

Tony Dungy: Amazing Grace

Thursday, June 15, 2006

And Again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I can't take it anymore!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It happened again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How hard can it be to start a new pot of coffee?

Wednesday, June 14, 2006


Something has happened to me twice this morning at work that has me so upset that I'm taking my morning break to complain about it. Twice I've gone to pour myself a cup of coffee this morning and both times the pot has been empty. It is common courtesy at the workplace that if you take the last cup of coffee from the coffee pot that you put on a new pot. Twice I've had to make a new pot because the last person to take take coffee was too lazy to do so. If you work in an office and you pour the last cup of coffee please put on a new pot!

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Play Ball

After months of anticipation I made my long awaited city league softball debut last night. This my first appearence on the Softball field since intramurals at the University of Oregon in 1999. For my debut I wore my lightning yellow Duck Basketball shorts and a blue and gray jersey with the number 7. My wonderful girlfriend Carrie gave me a little flack for my shorts and jersey not matching but It's softball I don't think my clothes need to match. To keep everybody happy though I have decided that I will wear my black shorts next week. I started at first base and hit a single in my only at bat, we lost 8-2. I will continue give you all updates as the season goes on. Hopefully next week we can score a win over the "Agate Crushers".

Monday, June 12, 2006

Soccer Update

Just as I predicted the US lost 3-0 to Czech Republic in that soccer tournament over in Germany. Tomas Rosicky Led the Czech Republic with two goals, the other goal was scored on Jan Koller's header. After the game the US players had Capri Sun and Orange slices provided by Landon Donavan's mom. It is believed that Demarcus Beasley's mom was in charge of the pre and post game carpool in her 1999 Ford Windstar.

The US plays Italy on Saturday, I'm predicting another 3-0 loss for Bruce Arena's boys. In a related note the domain is still available.

The Missing Link

I recently removed a link to a certain website from my blog. That link had been on my blog since the very beginning. I'll let you all figure out what link it was and why I took it off.

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Back in Training

Well after taking two well deserved days off after my marathon I put the running shoes and shorts back on went for a little four mile run. My legs are still a little sore but it felt great to get back out running. Why not take a few more days off? My next Marathon is on October 1, less than four months away. I will be running the Portland Marathon with the goal of Qualifying for the Boston Marathon. I need to run it in a time of 3:10 which is fifteen minutes faster than my time in Newport. It's going to be difficult but with proper nutrition and a little hard work I'll be able to do it!

Sunday, June 04, 2006

A Few Pictures

Here's the links to some proffessional pictures taken of me during the marathon. I'll post the pictures that my dad took soon.

Mid Race
Finish 1
Finish 2


I did it! I survived my first marathon. My time was a very solid 3:25:07 which is almost five minutes under my goal. Some other things worth noting is that I placed 56th out 307 men entered in the race, 68th out of 600 total runners, fourth in my age group 24-29 and I finished eighth in the hercules category which is for men over 190 pounds. All in all it was a pretty good day. I'll be deciding in a week or two if going to start training for the Portland Marathon which takes place October 1.

Newport Marathon Results