Sunday, June 25, 2006

OSU "Rodent" Baseball

The Oregon State "Rodents" as I affectionately call them are in the championship series of the College World Series. A lot of my fellow Duck fans are cheering for them, I am not. I've heard the arguements such Oregon doesn't even have a baseball team or the OSU team is loaded with kids from the state of Oregon. I honestly don't care how many kids on that team are from Oregon, I don't care that the U of O doesn't even have a Baseball team. As long as a team is wearing Balck and Orange uniforms that say Beavers on them I can't cheer for them.

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Jon & Chris Steele said...

I agree with you, Dennis. The only time you're allowed to do such things are when it's Bowl season and you're cheering for Pac-10 teams.