Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Softball Update

My team had a breakthrough game last night beating the "Cats With Bats" 17-12. I was tempted to wear my yellow shorts but in the end I went with black ones. I did go with a different pair of shoes, ditching the traditional black ones in favor of bright red ones. I also wore my sunglasses with orange lenses even though it was dark most of the game. I was 4-4 for the game all my hits were singles, two of them were infield singles that I beat the throw something that I could not have done a year ago. No game next week in honor of the fourth of July, so check back in two weeks for my next update.


Joanne said...

Excellent, however I would go with the yellow shorts next week.

DMC said...

A certain person won't allow to wear the yellow shorts again.