Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Go Beavers!!!

OSU, our hats are off to you
Beavers, Beavers, fighters through and through
We'll root for every man, we'll cheer for every stand
That's made for old OSU.
Watch our team go tearing down the field
Men of iron, their strength will never yield.
Hail, hail, hail, hail Hail to old OSU.
OSU BEAVERS 2006 NCAA Baseball National Champions


Carrie said...

Did someone hack into your account? I am a little confused by the title of the blog. Maybe you really are a beaver at heart!

Jenny said...

Dennis, I am taken back at your support for the Beavers. I always knew there was some good in you. Welcome to the Beaver Nation!

Joanne said...

You must be sick son. Are you messing with our minds??? Have you gone to the dark side???

Joanne said...

I get it you must have lost a bet.

jessybel said...