Monday, October 29, 2007

Common Sense Prevails!!

It was announced today that the Oregon-ASU game will be televised nationally in 48 states (Oregon and Arizona will get local feeds). That is great news for everyone. That being said I still think Tom Hansen sucks!

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Pac 10 Rankings Week 9

1. Oregon- With four games left I am making the following bold prediction: Oregon will play for the National Title this year.

2. ASU- The Sun Devils run ends on Saturday

3. SUC- The Trojans will bounce back big against OS(U).

4. OS(U)- As much as it pains me to put them this high, I am left with no choice.

5. Cal- Once the trendy pick to play in the National title game, now they're fighting for the Vegas Bowl.

6. WSU- The Cougars don't deserve to be this high but no one else does either.

7. UCLA- Losses to WSU and Notre Dame should put them at the bottom but it get a lot worse from here.

8. Stanford- Much improved from last year but still not a good team.

9. Arizona- Come from behind victory over Washington moves the Mildcats out of the cellar.

10. Washington- Does anyone remember the days when the Huskies were good?

Do you know who this man is?

If you are a fan of a Pac 10 team then you should know who this man is. This is Pac 10 commissioner Tom Hansen and if he is allowed to stay in his position much longer the Pac 10 is in danger of fading into obscurity. Under Hansen's leadership the Pac 10 conference has signed the worst TV contract among the major conferences and has the worst bowl alignment amongst the major conferences. This coming Saturday there will be a game featuring the number four and five ranked teams in the country and a Heisman Trophy candidate, however as things sit right no one outside of Oregon or Arizona will be able to see this game. This is ridiculous and it only seems to happen to the Pac 10. This needs to change and the only way this will happen is if there is a change at the top.

The most unbelievable ending to a football game that I've ever seen

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Monday, October 22, 2007

Pac 10 Rankings Week 8

1. Oregon- We'll find out over the next two weeks if the Ducks are truly a national title contender.
2. ASU- Undefeated but who have they played? A severe beat down is awaiting in Eugene on November 3.
3. SUC- Prediction of the week: Oregon 38 SUC 24
4. UCLA- It's hard to believe but the Bruins are tied for first in the Pac.
5. Cal- In a matter of two weeks the Bears have slipped from the BCS title game all the way to the Vegas Bowl
6. OS(U)- This team is still a mystery to me
7. Stanford- They just tripled their win total from a year ago. Prediction #2 Stanford 24 OS(U) 17
8. Washington- Their defense gave up 465 yards rushing to the Ducks on Saturday!
9. WSU- Bill Doba is a nice guy but nice guys don't always make good football coaches.
10. Arizona- Loss to Stanford was the nail in Mike Stoopid's coffin

In Honor of the Duck's "Stormtrooper" Uniforms

Thursday, October 18, 2007

What Political Party am I a part of?

Since I recently moved I had to register to vote again. As I always do I filled out my voter registration card and marked the Party that I have been a part since I turned 18. Today I received my notification card put it in the mail pile and left it. A couple minutes later my wife asks me why I am a part of the Constitution Party. I looked at my card and sure enough under political part it says CON which would be the abreviation for the Constitution Party. Apparently the people processing voter registrations in Lane County aren't very smart, because there is absolutely no way I could of marked that on my card. For those who don't know what the Constitution Party is, it is an Ultra Conservative party whose views would probably make me look flaming liberal. For now I'm going to keep it through the November Election and I'll be sure to change it before the primaries in 2008.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Pac 10 Rankings Week 7

1. Oregon- Pac 10 champs? National Champs? Anything is possible
2. ASU- 7-0 but I'm still not convinced
3. Cal- You can't lose to OS(U) at home!
4. SUC- The Trojans in the Vegas Bowl? I'd love it!
5. UCLA- By default they're number 5
6. OS(U)- Great win over Cal but the Beavs have a ton of work to do
7. Washington- Things don't appear to be getting any better in Seattle
8. Arizona- Tough loss to USC but there are no moral victories in sports
9. Stanford- It appears that the Cardinal were one week wonders
10. WSU- Does anyone still think the Mike Bellotti made a mistake not offering Alex Brink a scholarship

Sunday, October 07, 2007

Pac 10 Rankings Week 6

1. Cal- Could they play for the National Title?
2. Oregon- All I can say is "what if?"
3. Arizona State- The Devils are rolling at 6-0 but don't expect it to hold up
4. Washington- By default they move to #4
5. Stanford- Huge win over SUC by the Cardinal but I don't think they'll remain here
6. OS(U)- They still suck
7. WSU- Nice effort against ASU but remember the old saying "close only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades"
8. Arizona- Get your resume ready Stoops
9. UCLA- Thanks for ruining Notre Dame's bid for a perfect season
10. SUC- Losing to Stanford earns them the number ten spot for this week

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

First Major Purchase

Tonight Carrie and I made our first major purchase as a married couple. We went to Best Buy and purchased a brand new HDTV. We've been talking about it for weeks and after looking at our different options we finally decided on a Phillips model that happened to be on sale. Now my next step is to call the cable company and upgrade our package to an HD package so that we may fully enjoy the HD experience.

Grow up Gundy!

I know that Oklahoma State head football coach Mike Gundy's rant is last week's news, but after watching it again I felt compelled to write about totally completely out line and childish it was. For a coach after a big win to spend his entire post game press conference after a big win yelling at reporter for writing a negative column about one of his players was not only out of line but it took away from the outstanding team effort displayed on the field and for that alone Gundy should be ashamed. Secondly Division 1 athletes a public figures and if they're going to accept the praise from the media then they are going to have to accept the critisism. I have a hard time feeling sorry for a kid who gets a free ride through college because some one in the media wrote something bad about him. Here's the video of the rant again and then audio of comments from Colorado head coach Dan Hawkins from last February which I think would be an appropriate response to Gundy.

Dan Hawkins remarks

Monday, October 01, 2007

Pac 10 Rankings Week 5

1. USC- Unimpressive win over Washington but they're still the top team in the conference.

2. Cal- Nice win in hostile environment

3. Oregon- Tough loss but still a dang good team

4. ASU- Dennis Erickson has them rolling

5. UCLA- This team confuses the heck out of me

6. Washington- Moral Victory against USC doesn't make them a good team

7. Arizona- A win over WSU doesn't make them good and Mike Stoops is still on the hot seat

8. WSU- Embarrassing performance against Arizona

9. OS(U)- Way to show up at home

10. Stanford- Stick to Academics