Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Grow up Gundy!

I know that Oklahoma State head football coach Mike Gundy's rant is last week's news, but after watching it again I felt compelled to write about totally completely out line and childish it was. For a coach after a big win to spend his entire post game press conference after a big win yelling at reporter for writing a negative column about one of his players was not only out of line but it took away from the outstanding team effort displayed on the field and for that alone Gundy should be ashamed. Secondly Division 1 athletes a public figures and if they're going to accept the praise from the media then they are going to have to accept the critisism. I have a hard time feeling sorry for a kid who gets a free ride through college because some one in the media wrote something bad about him. Here's the video of the rant again and then audio of comments from Colorado head coach Dan Hawkins from last February which I think would be an appropriate response to Gundy.

Dan Hawkins remarks

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whatthecrap? said...

I have to say - I totally agree with you here. Having a big boo-whoo over a negative column is pretty freaking ridiculous. And it is an injustice to society to refer to people in their 20's as 'kids'.

The only bit about the clip I enjoyed was that his rant embodies the outrage I feel about the media in general. Every day I read so many stories that are so slanted and so absolutely sensationally stupid that it makes me sick. I saw this rant right when the Dan Rather law suit/crock-of-crap popped up and I felt like he deserved a Gundy response for vilifying a bunch of bloggers that had to do the fact checking for him and CNN.

If you missed the whole Dan Rather false documents story heap of dog crap you can read it here.

By the end - I guarantee that you will know what I am talking about. The whole story makes you want to yell, "Are you kidding me?!? This whole thing was a lie!"