Sunday, October 28, 2007

Pac 10 Rankings Week 9

1. Oregon- With four games left I am making the following bold prediction: Oregon will play for the National Title this year.

2. ASU- The Sun Devils run ends on Saturday

3. SUC- The Trojans will bounce back big against OS(U).

4. OS(U)- As much as it pains me to put them this high, I am left with no choice.

5. Cal- Once the trendy pick to play in the National title game, now they're fighting for the Vegas Bowl.

6. WSU- The Cougars don't deserve to be this high but no one else does either.

7. UCLA- Losses to WSU and Notre Dame should put them at the bottom but it get a lot worse from here.

8. Stanford- Much improved from last year but still not a good team.

9. Arizona- Come from behind victory over Washington moves the Mildcats out of the cellar.

10. Washington- Does anyone remember the days when the Huskies were good?

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