Monday, October 22, 2007

Pac 10 Rankings Week 8

1. Oregon- We'll find out over the next two weeks if the Ducks are truly a national title contender.
2. ASU- Undefeated but who have they played? A severe beat down is awaiting in Eugene on November 3.
3. SUC- Prediction of the week: Oregon 38 SUC 24
4. UCLA- It's hard to believe but the Bruins are tied for first in the Pac.
5. Cal- In a matter of two weeks the Bears have slipped from the BCS title game all the way to the Vegas Bowl
6. OS(U)- This team is still a mystery to me
7. Stanford- They just tripled their win total from a year ago. Prediction #2 Stanford 24 OS(U) 17
8. Washington- Their defense gave up 465 yards rushing to the Ducks on Saturday!
9. WSU- Bill Doba is a nice guy but nice guys don't always make good football coaches.
10. Arizona- Loss to Stanford was the nail in Mike Stoopid's coffin

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wtc? said...

Say, What ever happened to Inside the Pac?

-Did a black hole open and suck up their purple studio?

-Why haven't you posted more about Inside the Pac?

-Is Ron Paul for, or against the BCS (since it's not in the constitution)??