Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Play Ball

After months of anticipation I made my long awaited city league softball debut last night. This my first appearence on the Softball field since intramurals at the University of Oregon in 1999. For my debut I wore my lightning yellow Duck Basketball shorts and a blue and gray jersey with the number 7. My wonderful girlfriend Carrie gave me a little flack for my shorts and jersey not matching but It's softball I don't think my clothes need to match. To keep everybody happy though I have decided that I will wear my black shorts next week. I started at first base and hit a single in my only at bat, we lost 8-2. I will continue give you all updates as the season goes on. Hopefully next week we can score a win over the "Agate Crushers".

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Jon & Chris Steele said...

Well, you know, they are bright shorts. Carrie does have a point. I'm glad that you're injury-free and get to play softball again. Tell me, is it slow-pitch? I might have to dig up some jokes if it is.