Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Soccer Update

In effort to reach out to my readers who are soccer fans I've decided to start posting periodic soccer updates.

First I came across a story on ESPN.com that Real Madrid star David Beckham desires to finish his career in the United States. Beckham was quoted as saying "I want to be a part of a country that is passionate about sport", Beckham is right that the United States is passionate about sport, I just don't know how passionate we are about his sport.

Beckham plans to end career in United States

The second story is that the United States played Jamaica to 1-1 tie in an international friendly today. If the US doesn't step it up in 58 days (thanks Justin for the countdown clock) it's going to be three and out for Bruce Arena's boys in the World Cup.


justin ubel said...

3 and out. Sounds like Jake Plummeter's Broncos, not the ranked-higher-than-England USA soccer program.

Joanne said...

Beckham is over rated. He can stay with real madrid

Steve K said...

I thougt you only blogged about sports and politics, what's this soccer stuff? Oh, speaking of "Not-Sports" did you hear about OSU nixing cheerleading because it's "Not a Sport." The quotes pretty funny actually, I am sure someone's throwing a fit though.

DMC said...

I'm just trying yo reach out to my soccer loving friends. I did see that OSU is nixing cheerleading and I really don't care. If the U of O nixed cheerleading I'd be outraged.