Friday, April 28, 2006

Houston We Have a Problem

At about 5:00 PM today I was sitting at my desk reading up on Saturday's NFL draft when I read the breaking news that almost made me spit my Diet Pepsi all over my keyboard. The Houston Texans agreed to terms with North Carolina State defensive end Mario and will select him with the first pick of the NFL draft.

Several hours later I'm still scratching my head over this one. It is mind boggling to me that Houston would pass on a once in a lifetime player in Reggie Bush. In my years of watching college football reggie Bush is the best player that I have ever seen.

It is my belief that this may go down as one biggest draft day blunders in sports history. This move is definatly on par with the Blazers picking Sam Bowie over some guy named Jordan.


Aaron Geist said...

Yeah, Romey wasn't thrilled about that pick either.

jessybel said...

it's unbelievable. and did you hear about the Rams pick?