Tuesday, April 18, 2006

The Great Coffee Debate

Have I mentioned recently how much I love Dutch Bros. ?


justin ubel said...

Not recently, No.

By the way, nice moustache.

DMC said...


Steve K said...

Who was she this time?

Steve K said...

Next blog: The Broncos are interested in Harrington. Thoughts?

DMC said...

He would make a quality backup to Jake Plummer. I think he would do well in Mike Shanahan's system.

Joey also needs to change his image. I'm thinking he needs to start going by Joe and maybe grow a pornstache.

Jon & Chris Steele said...

Have you asked her out yet?

ErikNShelley said...


Dutch Bros. Is the bizzomb!

We got hooked while we were in Grants Pass, the home of Dutch Bros. I swear you could spit in any diretion and hit a stand.


jessybel said...

quoting steve k:
"who was she this time?"