Friday, July 14, 2006

Year in Review Part I

One of my most popular posts ever on this blog was the two part year in review for 2005. This year I decided to something different, since the year is half over I’ve decided to part I of my 2006 year in review now. Stay tuned for part II in January.

January- It was an uneventful beginning to 2006, I attended a small get together at a friends house, consumed a few alcoholic beverages (not even close to how much I consumed in 2005) and that was about it. I took three days of vacation to begin year and did absolutely nothing, it was wonderful. On the fourth I watched USC choke away that National championship. On January 10, I celebrated my 29th birthday. A few friends took me out for dinner and that was about it. That also the day that I had my official weigh, I hit the scale at 223 pounds thus fulfilling my pledge to be under 225 pounds on my 29th birthday. January ended with a visit from my friends Pablo and Luis from Mexico.

February- This was the month that officially began training for the marathon. On the 5th as I was enjoying the Super Bowl I came down ill and started puking. This began a miserable evening of going between bowing at the porcelain throne and sitting on that same throne. After going to work for an hour to appear in court on behalf of the credit union I went home and slept the rest of the day. After a couple of days I felt much better and resumed my normal schedule. On February 14th my streak of Valentines day’s without a girlfriend extended to 29, I have a feeling that streak is not going to extend to 30. On President’s day I returned to the ski slopes, it was a great day of skiing and honoring dead presidents.

March- Early march was kind of quiet, nothing real exciting happened. Another NCAA tournament began without my beloved ducks and for some reason the coach kept his job. I celebrated ST Patrick’s day with a couple glasses of Irish stout and a cigar. I made my 11th trip to Mexico with First Baptist. It was another great trip it’s amazing to see the work that God is doing down there. I made my triumphant return to the Basketball court in Mexico and had a career high of twenty points one game.

April- I returned from Mexico on the second, I celebrated my return with a Corona. On the third I got sick again with the same thing I had on Super Bowl Sunday. That made for a miserable couple of days. On April 8th my roommate got married. On April 9th I was invited to lunch at a friends house after church, I didn’t think much of the invitation at the time but apparently it was a part of some master plan. I went over to my friend Andrew’s place thinking I was going to have lunch with him and his fiancĂ© Liz, well I did but there was one other person there that I didn’t know was going to be there, her name was Carrie. I had met her a few months earlier but this was the first time I really talked to her. A few days later on the 13th I was invited out for drinks and guess who was there? I talked with her for most of the evening even though there were several others there. On the 15th I got up and ran twenty miles then I moved. That was not a fun day. The sixteenth was Easter, I spotted Carrie in the crowd at church and was going to say hi to her afterwards but I kind of chickened out and just left. On the 20th I was invited out for drinks again, this time there were just four of us and one of them happened to be Carrie.

May- The first couple of days of may were pretty quiet, nothing exciting. On Thursday May 4th I received a text message. I thought that was bizarre because nobody ever sends me text messages. The text message happened to be from Carrie, inviting me to join her and some of her friends for drinks. At this point I was starting to like this girl but was to much of coward to do anything about it. On Tuesday May 9th I was having dinner at my parents when my phone rang, guess who it was? We hung out at Starbucks for about three hours that night. Two days later we hung out at McMenimens for a couple of hours. The next few days were pretty normal marathon training, laundry and eating. May 18th was the first official date, we played miniature golf, loser had to buy ice cream. I won buy two strokes so she had to buy ice cream. After ice cream we ended up at the beach. After hanging out several more times over the next week we finally had our talk. Memorial Day weekend I went up to Portland and helped Justin remodel his kitchen. That was also the weekend that I met Carrie’s parents.

June- On June 3rd I ran my marathon, I finished with a respectable time of 3:25:07. My family and a small group of friends were there to cheer me on at the finish. The rest of June was a pretty quiet month. I hung out with Carrie quite a bit and went to work that’s about it.
Well there’s the first half 2006 stay tuned for part II in January.


Jon & Chris Steele said...

Sounds like a pretty good first half of the year...more positive than last year, perhaps.

Aaron Geist said...

Ah yes, Ali and I had the bowling & ice cream first date.

Look where that got me.

Princess Kimberly said...
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Princess Kimberly said...

I think I might have thrown up a little while reading this post.

justin ubel said...

You mentioned Pablo and Luis from Mexico, and dead presidents, but failed to mention your companions on the mountain. One word...priorities!

DMC said...

I also mentioned Carrie,Carrie's Parents, Andrew and Liz but no mention of the people who went to the mountain with me, I must of forgot.