Wednesday, February 06, 2008

A Thought on Primaries

For the most part I've stayed away from Politics on this blog however something is really annoying me right now so I am going to blog about it. On May 20, 2008 the state of Oregon will hold it Presidential primary on or around that day (Oregon is vote by mail state) I will cast a vote for the particular person I want representing my Party in November. Here's the problem, yesterday someone practically wrapped up my Party's nomination, meaning that when I cast my vote for President in May it will be meaningless. Hopefully something changes is the next four years because this is ridiculous. If it doesn't I might move to Iowa in 2012 so that my vote actually means something (don't worry Carrie, I'm not really considering a move to Iowa).


lance said...

Not to burst your bubble Big D, But the whole primary system is flawed in America. The only sensible process would be for all the states to vote on the same day and that would allow for the voting to not be influenced by who is in the lead or who has the best chance of winning but rather the vote going to whose politics they would most like to see run the country.

DMC said...

Totally agree with you Lance. Those are my feelings exactly, I just didn't have time to go too in depth. I would be ok with regional primaries as well. Anything is better than the system we have.