Thursday, April 03, 2008


For the most part I've stayed away from politics on my blog, it was a decision that I made early on for many reasons. That being said it is an election year and I do have some strong opinions so I am warning you now that from time to time I may express a political opinion. You won't see long rants about a particular person or issue but you'll probably see little blurbs every once in awhile between now and November.

Whith that in mind I have a made a decision on who I will be supporting in November. If you look at my links you can probably figure it out and I doubt it will surprise those who know me. He wasn't my first choice but of the three remaining major candidates, I feel that he is best prepared to be president and will do the best job leading this country through this all important time. One final thing, my candidate is NOT too old to President.

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wtc? said...

Wait a meen we can't ridicule McCain for the one thing he absolutely cannot help?