Monday, August 29, 2011

2011 Pac 12 Predictions

After long break from the Blog I am back. This is my sixth season predicting the Pac 10/12 and I have correctly predicted the champ every year. Here's my predictions:

1. Oregon- The machine will keep rolling in 2011. There's no stopping the Ducks.

2. Stanford- Stanford suffered the biggest offseason loss in the conference when Jim Harbaugh took the 49er's job, but with Andrew Luck behind center they'll win a bunch of games.

3. Cal- The Bears will put together a decent year this year, nothing impressive, but it will be decent.

4. Washington- The Huskies will go 6-6 for the second straight year.

5. OSU- An inconsistent QB, a gazillion injuries and no Jaquizz Rogers means no bowl for OS for the second straight year.

6. WSU- WSU has won one conference game in past two season. They won't win many more this year.

1. USC-They'll win the south on talent and not coaching. Unfortunately the Trojans are ineligible for the title game.

2. Utah- The Utes aren't a great team, but because of the lack of anyone better and USC being ineligible they'll get to be the sacrificial lamb for Oregon in the title game.

3. ASU- This will be Dennis Erikson's last year.

4. UCLA- Kirk Herbstreit has the Bruins in the Pac 12 title game. I think that's a stretch, but they'll be a little better this year.

5. Arizona- I read an ESPN story that said Stoops likes to shop, read women's magazines and drink fine wine. I am revoking his man card.

6. Colorado- The WSU of the South.

Pac 12 Title Game
Oregon over Utah


Chucker said...

A fine assessment I think. You may be undervaluing Katz at Oregon State I think. Riley has the ability to get something out of nothing often, so I wouldn't be surprised if they end up in a bowl game. Also, man card or not, I think Arizona will still put up enough points to finish third in the south. I love that you blog though! I never knew.

Dan B said...

Dude I read your blog religiously during football season. Keep up the good predictions! Go Ducks!