Thursday, January 19, 2006

Fearless Predictions for this Weekends NFL Playoff Games
On paper this weekends matchups look great however that's on paper! In reality we have two mismatches this weekend, you may laugh at me now but I am a football genius and I am always right! so here are my breakdowns of this weekends NFL action.

Seachickens Vs Panthers
Those of you who know me, know that I can't stand the Seattle Seachickens. I was actually mad when Paul Allen purchased this team and kept it in Seattle. There are so many cities in this country that are more deserving of an NFL franchise than Seattle. Heck, I'd put a team in Canada before I'd put one in Seattle.

On to the game, Seattle has no chance! If an outstanding Chicago defense could not stop the Carolina offense and wide receiver Steve Smith, how can an average Seattle defense stop them? Simple answer, they can't! On the other side of the ball Sean Alexander will get his yards but it won't be enough, the Carolina defense will force seachickens QB Matt Hasselhoff to make plenty of bad decisions. If something happens and the Seachickens win it would be a sad day around the NFL. It doesn't matter though because it won't happen! Panthers 38 Seachickens 10

Broncos Vs Steelers
This another easy pick for me. Pittsburgh does not have a chance , the Broncos will shut down the Pittsburgh running game and I'm predicting four interceptions by Pittsburgh QB Ben Worthlesberger. Jake Plummer will have a monster game against the overated Pittsburgh defense, he'll show everyone why he's the best bearded Quarterback in the NFL. Denver 56 Pittsburgh 14


justin ubel said...

Those are the 2 biggest HOMER picks that I've ever heard. Well, for the Seattle game HATER pick might be more accurate. With those spreads I'd put an undisclosed fortune on Seattle and Pittsburgh...heck, I'd take them both without the spread. Jake Plummeter will take Denver down with him and Steve Smith won't have a huge game with DeShaun Foster out. You're a loony.

DMC said...

How dare you accuse me one the greatest football minds in the world of being a homer and a hater? What do you know about football? You may know a thing or two about that sport that they call football over in Europe. You know the one with the greasy mulletts and short shorts, kicking the goofy ball around. But you nothing when it comes to the NFL!!

Joanne said...

I'm with Justin, Seattle, will win!

Steve K said...

You suck you Jack^%$#^*$! Seahawks will dominate (I hope)

Jon & Chris Steele said...

Yeah, Seattle's going to win. Plus if we were in Oregon, my husband would beat you up for knocking them.

Aaron Geist said...

Hmmm...wrong on both accounts eh?