Friday, March 16, 2007

Thoughts on March Madness

Division 1 college basketball has the greatest postseason in all of sports. The first four day of the tournament is all basketball, all day. My one problem is CBS's coverage of the event. It seems that everytime I start to get into game they switch over to another game. Yesterday I took a long lunch so I could watch my beloved Ducks play the Miami of Ohio Redhawks. As I was sitting at a table at Noho's Hawaiian Cafe, enjoying my lunch and watching the ducks, those brilliant people at CBS decided that we should treated to some "bonus coverage" of Creighton-Nevada. Bonus coverage my butt! I don't care if the ducks were up by 30 and Creighton and Nevada were involved in a one point game, I don't want any "Bonus Coverage". In fact 99.99999 percent of the people watching the tournament in Eugene, Oregon could care less about the Creighton-Nevada game. Tonight I was enjoyning UCLA-Indiana which was the game the regional choice for the Eugene area but for about half the second half I was treated to "Bonus Coverage" of Michigan State-North Carolina. I could go on forever about all this stupid "Bonus Coverage". Just give the game I want and stay there there, when I need an update on another game I can get on the internet. I'm sure tommorrow during the Oregon-Winthrop game I'll be treated to plenty of "Bonus Coverage". In order to avoid the "Bonus Coverage", I may go to a local watering hole to watch the game because they'll have all the games on so I won't be subjected to any "Bonus Coverage"

(In case you were counting the term "Bonus Coverage" was seven times in the above paragraph)

Now onto my bracket. Today I had my first perfect day in the first two rounds of the tournament ever! That's right, I was eight for eight. Three days into the tournament and all the teams that I had picked for the sweet sixteen are still in. That has has never happened. If I have another perfect day tommorrow, I will have picked correctly all sixteen teams in the sweet sixteen.

While the success of my bracket is exciting the only thing I really care about is my ducks. I will gladly lose my pool if it means that my Ducks make a deep run in this tournament. While I'm a huge Duck fan, I'm also a realistic duck fan so I was unable to pick the to advance past the elite eight. Tommorrow they face the Winthrop Eagles who the media is hyping as "this years George Mason". I've never really understood why the media seems to embrace the little guy. There are people out there that claim America loves the underdog but that just isn't true. TV ratings for Gerge Mason's appearence in the final four last year sucked. If America was so in love withe underdog it seems to me that TV ratings would have been great. Give me the favorites unless one of those underdogs is the Ducks. My prediction for the Oregon-Winthrop game is Oregon 75 Winthrop 63. The Ducks will advance.

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