Thursday, March 22, 2007

Update on my Bracket

A perfect 4-4 tonight, ok 3-4 depending on which bracket. I accidently picked Tennessee over Ohio State in my pool that I put together, however even with the mistake I'm still in first place. Every other bracket that I submitted I had Ohio State picked. Currently I'm the leader in three different bracket contest including my. As of Monday I was in third place in a local sports radio shows bracket contest. That's the one that I want to win because the grand prize is a pair of season tickets for duck basketball. Hopefully I keep on rolling but I'm sure it will all fall apart sometime. If everything goes as planned on Friday, I will be forced to actually cheer against a team that I have picked in my bracket on Sunday. That's because I picked Florida to beat Oregon and in the end the Ducks are far more important than any stupid prize that I may win.

My Tournament Bracket

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