Wednesday, August 15, 2007

I really don't know what to say about this one

Back in June I blogged about the $54,000,000,000 lawsuit against a laundry mat owner who lost a clients pants. At the time that was the most ridiculous lawsuit I'd seen. That all changed today when my soon to be wife emailed me a story from A South Carolina prison inmate has filed a $63,000,000,000 lawsuit against embattled NFL Michael Vick. He alledges that Vick stole two pit bulls from him for his dog fighting operation and then sold them on ebay and used the proceeds to buy missles from the Iranian government. I'm assuming this lawsuit will be thrown out almost immediatley and if it's within the judges power I hope he can tack some more time on this dudes sentance for waisting everyones time. Here's the story from Fox News, please read it along with the pdf of the complaint filed in court.,2933,293268,00.html


djb said...

Note that he wants "63,000,000,000 billion dollars" in gold or silver. First off, the word "billion" is implied by the zeros, unless of course he wants 63 billion billion dollars. Then again... What the heck? Might as well go for it. Just have UPS drop the gold off on the doorstep.

whatthecrap said...

Those "Missiles" Vick bought from Iran wouldn't be the same two this woman claimed "hit her home?"