Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Wednesday Morning Thoughts

First I want to tell everyone that I hate going to the dentist. Problem number one is why do dentist and doctors offices have four month old magazines in the lobby? It's August 8 and I was reading all about the Florida Gators second consecutive National Title in Basketball. Problem number two is the strategically placed "Stages of Gum Disease" chart in the exam room. For forty minutes I had to stare at this chart that showed pictures of everything from healthy gums with nice white teeth all the way to puffy bleeding gums with black and yellow teeth. Problem number three is scraping. Having someone scrape at your teeth for thirty minutes is one of tortuous things there is. The good news is that I had no cavities!

Thought number two, Barry Bonds is now Baseball's all time Home Run leader. I have mixed emotions on this. Being a Giants fan I'll admit that there was part of me that was cheering for him. Did he use performance enhancing drugs? Probably. Is it a tragedy or a Dark moment in Baseball history like some have labeled it? No. It it is what it is, he's got more home runs than anyone who has ever played the game. The last twenty years have been "The Steroid Era" in Baseball and Barry Bonds is the best player of that era. If Baseball wouldn't have ignored the steroid problem in the beginning than we wouldn't have any problem. Bud Selig and friends are just as much to blame as Barry Bonds. Everyone who bitter and and angry about this can take comfort in the fact that Alex Rodriguez will break the record in seven or eight years but who's to say he didn't cheat?

Third thought is that it's almost football season. Three weeks from Saturday my beloved Ducks take on the Houston Cougars at Autzen Stadium. I'll return to my usual seats in section 24 row 24 along with Carrie and Justin when he decides to show up.

Fourth and final thought for the day is days of being a bachelor are numbered. Friday will be my bachelor party. I hear that we'll be playing video games, drinking diet Pepsi and eating carrots so nothing too crazy will happen. A week from Saturday is my wedding so that's pretty cool. Hopefully all the usual people are still in my section including the nice old ladies Harriet and Janet and the old guy that doesn't have a name. Go Ducks!!!

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Joanne said...

I also don't like the dentist that takes that pokey thing and Makes cavitites in your teeth!