Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Pac 10 Rankings

1. USC- I don't care that the Trojans lost to OS(U) early in the season, they're still best tean in the Pac 10 and it's not even close.
2. OS(U)- The Beavers are dangerously close to Rose Bowl. I think they'll blow it.
3. Oregon- The Ducks are still mathmetically alive for the Rose Bowl. Please click here to see what it would take.
4. Cal- Losing to the Beavers helped the ducks.
5. Arizona- I got sick of that number 48 on Saturday.
6. UCLA- If UCLA beats ASU and USC the Bruins will go bowling.
7. Stanford- The Cardinal need to just beat Cal and they're going bowling.
8. ASU-They were considered a threat to challenge USC at the beginning of the season.
9. Open
10. WSU and Washington-I cannot justify ranking either school 9th.

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