Sunday, November 30, 2008

Pac 10 Rankings

1. USC- If the Trojans somehow lose to UCLA then the rodents would go to the Rose Bowl. Please don't let that happen USC.
2. Oregon- 65-38!!! One of the most satisfying Civil War victories in my lifetime.
3. OS(U)- I saw a bunch roses on the ground after Saturday's game.
4. Cal- The Bears are the only thing that stands between Huskies and perfection.
5. Arizona- Looks like the mildcats are heading to San Francisco for Bowl Season.
6. ASU- The Sun Devils are the Pac 10's most dissapointing team.
7. UCLA- The Bruins have an opportunity to really mess things up in the Pac 10. I doubt they do it.
8. Stanford- They have pretty good Women's Volleyball team.
9. WSU- I didn't bother to check if they beat Hawaii or not. I'm assuming they didn't.
10. Washington- One defeat away from perfection.

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Joanne said...

Hey UCLA women's soccer team is in the final four!!