Friday, September 18, 2009

Week 2 Pac 10 Rankings

1. SUC- It was a struggle at times but the Trojans got it done against tOSU.
2. Cal- The Bears struggled for a bit but in the end destroyed powerhouse Eastern Washington.
3. UCLA- A nice road win for the Bruins but they face major problems ahead with the loss of their QB.
4. OS- The Beavs needed a late field goal to beat UNLV.
5. Oregon- The Ducks finally got the offense moving, 6 1/2 quarters into the season.
6. ASU- They looked ok in the one game they've played. Of course that was against Idaho State.
7. Arizona- The Mildacats have looked unimpressive so far in two games.
8. Stanford- Nice choke job against Wake Forest.
9. Washington- I thought about giving the Huskies more love for finally winning a game, but it was only Idaho.
10. WSU- The Cougars are terrible.

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