Sunday, January 07, 2007

I'm not a Basketball Player!!

I've known for a very longtime that I am not a basketball player. Even when I played in elementary and middle I knew that basketball was not my sport. I have always played basketball like a football play, tough, physical and maybe a little dirty. I can always be counted on for a couple rebounds and a few good hard fouls. One thing that I can't be counted on is my shooting. Yesterday I got to put my shooting skills on display in front of 9085 people during the Oregon-UCLA basketball game. Prior to the game I entered my name into the drawing for the "Outback Steakhouse Three Point Challenge". I was shocked when I hear my name announced over the PA as the participant in the contest. My task was simple, make five three point shots in 30 seconds and I would win a $40.00 gift card for Outback Steakhouse. During the third media timeout of the first half I walked out onto the court and began shooting. I think that I hit the rim on a few shots but most of my shots didn't even make it to the rim. In the end I made zero shots and humiliated myself in front of 9085 people and all I have to show for it is a T-Shirt that doesn't even fit.


Joanne said...

But you probably looked good in your warm ups!

Jacob said...

The Oregon sweats were a nice touch. :P

Jessica said...

it was entertaining.