Wednesday, January 24, 2007

My First and Last Commentary on Women's Basketball

For the most part I don't care about women's college basketball, however when it comes to the University of Oregon I would consider myself a casual observer. This year's team currently sits near the bottom of the Pac 10 with a conference record of 2-9, including a home loss to fellow cellar dweller and in state rival Oregon State. It is safe to say that this program has hit rock bottom

Six years ago this spring the University of Oregon fired coach Jody Runge after leading the program to seven straight NCAA tournaments. Runge was controversial to say the least and in the end that was her downfall. Runge was replaced by Canadian National Coach and University of Oregon Legend Bev Smith. After seven consecutive NCAA tournament appearances under Runge the program has made the big just once under Smith. They also won the WNIT in Smith's first season as head coach, however I will go on record as saying that it is better to lose in the first round of NCAA tournament than it is to win the NIT. After this season the Ducks will have made the NCAA Tournament just one time in six years under Smith and that is unacceptable.

One of Athletic Director Bill Moos' last acts before his resignation goes into effect on March 31, 2007 should be to fire Bev smith. Now I will be returning to blogging about sports that I actually care about.

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Carrie said...

You are a very bitter man sometimes sweetie! I love you anyways!! But yes Bev Smith needs to go, besides have you seen how she looks on a bobblehead doll?