Monday, June 30, 2008

A message to "some" Obama supporters

The other day I came across a facebook group which more or less makes light of the percieved Messianic qualities of Barack Obama. I laughed pretty hard at it but it also got me thinking. There are actually people out there that believe that he is something more than a man running for President. I have many friends and family that in all likelihood will be voting for Barack Obama in November. They have their reasons and that's fine with me, they're not the ones that I'm directing this toward. I'm directing this post to those people that think Barack Obama is more than he actually is.

As I took a stroll around the streets surrounding Hayward Field during the Olympic Trials on Saturday, I came across several street vendors selling Barack Obama merchandise. These weren't your typical Obama 08 items. I came across pictures of the guy looking to the heavens with the light shining on him kind of like the old pictures of Jesus with his neatly groomed mullet and beard. I came across T-Shirts that made him out to be some kind of savior for this terrible world. Now I am sure that some these vendors are capitalizing on an opportunity to make a buck and don't really believe the crap they're selling but the fact that people will buy this stuff is sad. Thousands of people flock to see this guy and you hear people talk afterwards you would think they attended some sort of Religious Revival and that to me is scary.

Barack Obama may be a charismatic individual that can deliver some inspiring speeches but lets not forget what he is. He's not a savior, messiah or even a religious leader, he's a politician. He can't walk on water, give us salvation and he won't change the world. No president in the 232 year history of this great nation has been able to do what some Obama supporters think he's capable of and Barack Obama is no different than any of the men who held the office before, he's a politician and nothing more than that.


Aaron Geist said...

Nice post

Joanne said...

Thank you for your post! Did you get to see any of the races at the Olympic Trials?

DMC said...
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DMC said...

I'm actually volunteering at the trials but I haven't been inside yet. They have me stationed outside the Stadium. I went to the festival they have outside tonight to watch the 800 on the bigscreen since there was a duck running in it and he made the team! I've got tickets for Friday so I'm pretty excited about that.

Anonymous said...

For what it's worth - I don't see diddly crap new about Barack Obama's ideas at all. His only answer to every problem is more government.

Yeah great, that's real inspiring.
I put up a post today that is related to this.