Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Things that annoy Dennis: Volume III

Today's thought is on the outdated political bumper stickers. I have no problem with people who have Obama or McCain stickers on their cars, it's the ones who have stickers from past elections that annoy me. Living in fairly liberal town I see way too many Kerry-Edwards still on cars, get over it people that was four years ago and you lost! Get a life and move on. I also see a handful of Bush-Cheney stickers still on cars as well, those annoy me too. Get over it people, that was four years ago and you won! Get a life an move on.

Four years is bad enough but I regularly see much worse. In recent months I've seen a number of bumper stickers for former Oregon Governers John Kitzhaber who last ran for office in 1998 and Barbara Roberts who last ran for office in 1990. Eighteen years is a lot of years but the oldest one I've seen was actually four summers ago when I was following an old beat up car with a sticker that said "Reagan-Bush 84" at the time that sticker was twenty years old. Any of my readers who have outdated political bumper stickers on their cars please do everyone a favor and remove them. The general rule should be that you have one week after an election is completed to remove your bumper stickers.

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Robbie Chase said...

Dude I would have to agree with you on that. Here is something that drives me crazy is when you see a U of O faculty/staff member have all their parking perments dating back to like 1994 to this date (2007-2008) still on their car. That in my opinion is really annoying. The thing they need to do is just have the current year sticker on not ones dating back from 10 or so years ago.