Sunday, August 30, 2009

2009 Pac 10 Predictions

1. Oregon- Yeah I said it!!!! This is the year that SUC finally gets unseated at the top of the Pac 10 It will happen and it will be the Ducks that end their reign.

2. SUC- Second place will still get them to a BCS Bowl.

3. Cal- A solid but unspectacular year lies ahead for the bears.

4. ASU- A decent year lies ahead for the devils. Vegas is cold in December.

5. OS- Questions on D, at QB and a drop in production from Quizz will lead to a disappointing year for the Beavers.

6. Stanford- The Cardinal will improve and possibly sneak into a Bowl game.

7. UCLA- The Bruins are still a year away.

8. Arizona- The Mildcats will fail to improve upon last years Vegas Bowl victory. It could be the end of the Mike Stoops era.

9. Washington- The dawgs will do better last year. They certainly can't be worse than 0-12.

10. WSU- The Cougs are bad.


lance said...

Let me be the first to say, good game last night. The Ducks really showed how good they actually are.

DMC said...

yes it was a terrible game. They'll get better but I may have to revise my conference predictions.