Tuesday, August 11, 2009

A look back at my 2008 Pac 10 preseason rankings

Before I publish my annual Pac 10 preseason rankings I thought it would be fun to take a look back at my 2008 preseason ranking. So here they are with the expert analysis that you've come to expect from Dennis' Daily Rant.

1. SUC- The Trojans are just too good
Bingo, Bango, Bongo with the exception of one bad night in Corvallis the Trojans were the class of the Pac 10 in 2008.

2. Oregon- No Costa, No problem! Roper (Maybe Masoli) and the Ducks will shine in 2008.
Again I was right on. The Ducks were 3-0 before Roper got hurt and Masoli took the job over. After a few bumps in the road the Ducks finished strong winning their final four games. Including a 65-38 victory over OS.

3. ASU- Look for a big year out of Judy Carpenter and the Sun Devils but it won't get them any farther than El Paso.
I was wrong.

4. OS(U)- Tough choice on Thursday night. OS(U)-Stanford or Barack Obama's convention speech.
For the record I choe the Beavers over Obama's convention speech and they didn't dissapoint. They help up their of my prediction below.

5. Cal- Another mediocre year for the Bears.
To quote Dennis Green "the Bears are who we thought they were"

6. Arizona- Mike Stoopid and the Mildcats finally go Bowling.
They finished one spot higher than I predicted, but they did go bowling.

7. UCLA- The Bruins will struggle in 2008 but watch out for them in 2009.
They finished one spot lower than I predicted, but again I think I was pretty close on this one. as for the second part of the prediction we'll see.

8. Washington- The Dawgs will improve but not enough to save Ty Willingham's job.
I was wrong they didn't improve, but instead got worse.

9. Stanford- Watch out for my week one upset. Stanford will beat OS(U)
I ranked them way too low, but I was right on with my prediction.

10. WSU- The Cougs will go for perfection in the Pac 10 but might just blow in the Apple Cup.
The Coogs were terrible, but the puppies were worse.

Overall a pretty good effort. We'll see how my 2009 rankings turn out .


Joanne said...

I think UCLA will struggle this year but have to be better than last year. I will be happy with a split for the season.

Chris Steele said...

This post made me deliriously happy for two reasons. One, your blogs are often hilarious. Two, it means football season is almost here. Woohoo!