Tuesday, August 04, 2009

I just want my dang sunglasses!!!!!!

This saga of my sunglasses began on a Saturday in June, June 13 to be exact. I walked into Rainbow Optics, a local eye wear store to inquire about a pair of prescription sunglasses. I settled on the Oakley Flak Jackets XLJ's much like the pair above. After crunching the numbers and figuring out how much my insurance would cover I decided to think about.

Two weeks later I went back and placed my order. I settled on a custom design with a green frame and yellow Oakley logos. I was told they would be ready in about ten days. That meant I would receive my sunglasses around July 7. I left the store happy and was looking forward to receiving my sunglasses.

I didn't hear from them in the ten days I was told. I decided to give them two weeks before I called. On Monday July 13 just as I was about to call them my phone rang. Great I thought, my sunglasses were ready! Instead of being told they were ready I was told they were on backorder and it would be another week or two. Backorder? Why did it take two weeks to tell me something they should have told me in two days? I voice my displeasure but decided to be patient and just wait for my sunglasses to get here.

Two weeks passed and I decided to call and see where my sunglasses were. After two phone calls I was told that they would be shipped overnight on August 1, meaning that they would be ready for pickup on Monday August 3. Once again I voiced my displeasure but this time I wasn't so nice about it.

That brings us to today August 4. After not hearing anthything I decided to call again. After two calls I was told they were being made and they would be shipped in 3-5 days. This time I was furious. Not wanting to say something I would later regret I decided to just act pleasanty pissed off. Tomorrow I will call again, not to yell at someone but to cut a deal. I know it's probably unrealistic to expect them to eat eat my entire out of pocket expense of $135 but that's what I'm going to ask for. If they don't counter with something close to that I will walk away entirely and stick them with a pair lenses with my prescription that have allready been made and they will also lose a long time customer.

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Joanne said...

Go get them Dennis. You demand all of your money back. That is not right at all.