Friday, October 08, 2010

Week 6 Pac 10 Rankings

1. Oregon- Nice of Oregon to spot Stanford an early 21-3 lead. Too bad for the trees that it didn't help.

2. Arizona- A lot of football left to be played, but there could be an Epic game at Autzen Stadium the after thanksgiving.

3. Stanford- Stanford has USC home this week. Look for them to blast the Trojans for a second year in a row.

4. OSU- A nice win against ASU last week. I doubt the Beavers go into to Tucson and get a victory.

5. Washington- Locker for Heisman. No not really

6. Cal- More of the same from Cal. High expectations and mediocre results.

7. ASU- Dennis Erickson's seat is starting to get really hot.

8. USC- I hope this Kiffin guy sticks around for awhile, but I don't see him lasting more than three years.

9. UCLA- Nice win against WSU. I guess.

10. WSU- Can they hold Oregon under 70?

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