Sunday, April 01, 2007

Predictions for the 2007 major league baseball season

I don't care much for Baseball but I offer you the following predictions.

1. Barry Bonds will hit Home Run 756 on Friday July 13 in San Francisco against the LA Dodgers.
2. Roger Clemens will be a member of the Boston Red Sox by seasons end.

My division winners are as follows:

NL West- LA Dodgers
NL Central- Milwaukee Brewers
NL East- New York Mets

NL Wild Card- Philadelphia Phillies

AL West- Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim
AL Central- Cleveland Indians
AL East- Boston Red Sox

AL Wild Card- New York Yankees


Mets over Brewers
Dodgers over Phillies

Mets over Dodgers

Red Sox over Angels
Yankees over Indians

World Series
Red Sox over Mets

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