Sunday, April 01, 2007

Thoughts on the final four

After last weekend I lost interest in the NCAA Tournament, that being said I watched significant portions of both games and have the follow thoughts. This is the type of expert analysis that you won't find anywhere else on the internet.

Game 1- The Ohio State Vs. Georgetown
Much has already been written or discussed on Ohio State center Greg Oden's age. He supposed to be 19 but I'm still not convinced. I've posted two pictures below, one of Oden and one of me. Looking at those pictures there is absolutely no way that I'm eleven years older than this dude.

Game 2- Florida Vs. UCLA
Though it probably did not matter today it seems to me that Florida gets a lot favorable calls. Much like the Ducks last week several key players from UCLA were in foul trouble. While the refs are calling ticky tack fouls on their opponents , Florida players constantly push shove and elbow their opponents and never get called for anything. I guess I could be a little biased but it really seems like Florida has the refs on their side.

I also feel compelled to comment on Florida Forward Joekim Noah, he may be the most annoying athlete I've ever seen. His on court antics are flat out childish, after every made basket he celebrates like he just won the national title and after every call that doesn't go his way he acts like my two year old nephew does when his older brother steals a toy from him. Here's a collection of pictures that shoes just how annoying the guy is.

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