Friday, April 20, 2007

Those Classy "OS" Beaver Fans

Today as I was reading through the comments on my blog, I came across one from an "OS" fan in response to one of my posts. The comment read "go **** yourself hippie".

There are two things that I wish to address here. First you need to grow up and have sense of humor about things. When your school comes out with an ugly logo, you're going to get a little crap about. As a Duck fan I get crap all the time over our ugly football uniforms. Instead telling people off, I laugh at it an move on. "OS" fans are very good about dishing it out but when some one gives an "OS" fan a little crap they respond much like this anonymous reader did. Sometimes they just can't handle the truth.

Second thing I want to address is refering to me as a hippie. There are a few things that would disqualify me from being a hippie. I am a registered republican, I've never smoked pot, I've never protested a war or the cutting down of trees and I bathe every day. There are many more things that I could mention but I think you get the point.

Now the point of this whole post. There really isn't one other than it's after 5:00 PM on Friday and I'm bored.

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Lance said...

But you live in Eugene and it is a known fact that all hippies live in Eugene and since you live in Eugene. Ipso facto therefor you are a hippie. Case closed. It is a fact and you cant argue with facts.