Sunday, November 25, 2007

Pac 10 Rankings

After the worst offensive performance by the U of O football team in twenty five years I had thought about going into hiding, I even shutdown my blog for awhile but I'm happy to announce that I'm back.

1. USC- After everything that has happened this year the Trojans appear to be heading to the Rose Bowl.

2. ASU- If they beat Wildcats they should be a BCS team

3. OS- Ugh!!! Could this be the year the road team finally breaks through in the Civil War? Stay tuned for my prediction on Friday.

4. UCLA- If UCLA beats SUC and Arizona beats ASU the Bruins at 7-5 are Rose Bowl bound.

5. Arizona- For the lack of a better team the Mildcats make my top five.

6. WSU- Great win against the Huskies but I doubt it's enough to save Bill Doba's job.

7. Cal- They should beat Stanford.

8. Washington- They suck

9. Stanford- It's kind pathetic that two of Notre Dame's three wins came against Pac 10 teams.

10. Oregon- No comment.

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