Friday, November 30, 2007

Why I Don't Tape Sporting Events

Last night due to prior commitments I was unable to watch the Duck Basketball game. Before I left home I stuck a tape in the VCR and recorded the game with the idea that I would avoid hearing the score and watch it when I get home. Every time I tried this in the past I've failed, either I see the score or someone blurts it out. The function I was at had two televisions showing the game. For an hour and a half I successfully avoided looking at one of the televisions or overhearing someone talk about the game. After the function my wife and I headed to the mall, the mall was dead so I wasn't too worried about finding out about the game. So confident we even took a walk through the Duck Store in the mall and again heard nothing. Success! I had succeeded in my mission. All we had left was a nice stroll to the car and a short drive home, then I could watch the game like it was live. Think again! As Carrie and I were exiting the mall some random guy noticed my duck hat and said something like "hey how about those Ducks, they won tonight".

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