Friday, October 23, 2009

Week 7 Pac 10 Rankings

1. Oregon- Big game against the Mutts before what could be an epic battle with SUC. The Ducks will roll.

2. USC- Last time USC lost to OS in LA the president of United States was Dwight D. Eisenhower. I am officially going on record as saying the next time the Beavers beat SUC in LA, the president will not be Barack Obama.

3. Oregon State- See above

4. Arizona- The Wildcats should cruise against the Bruins.

5. Cal- In their first two conference games they scored a combined 6 points. In the third game they scored 45.

6. ASU- The Sun Devils still riding high from the victory over the mutts travel Palo Alto for an epic battle with Stanford and a possible Hawaii Bowl bid on the line.

7. Stanford- Is it just me or is Toby Gerhart a 12th year senior.

8. Washington- Washington's fight song is titled "Bow Down to Washington". By the end of the day Saturday the mutts will be bowing down to Oregon.

9. UCLA- Maybe one of these years UCLA will catch up to their crosstown rival. Probably not anytime soon.

10. WSU- I think the Pac 10 should just drop the coogs and be the Pac 9.

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