Thursday, November 05, 2009

Week 9 Pac 10 Rankings

Here are my long awaited Pac 10 rankings for week 9.

1. Oregon- I called y my shot last week and I was right. Oregon beat USC.

2. Arizona- The Wildcats control there own destiny for the Pac 10 title. The problem is that they still have to play Oregon, Cal, and USC

3. USC- Could the Trojans go to El Paso? Probably not. My guess is that they win out and get a BCS bid.

4. Cal- The Bears have quietly gotten back on track after a horrific start. Next up the Beavers.

5. OSU- Beaver nation still thinks they can sneak into the Rose Bowl through the back door. That fantasy will end on Saturday.

6. Stanford- The Cardinal need just one win to become bowl eligible. The problem is they play Oregon, USC, Cal and finish at Notre Dame. They may get that sixth win but it will not come until the last week of the season.

7. ASU- I kind of feel bad for the Sun Devils. This week they face a USC team was embarrassed a week ago and next week they travel to Oregon.

8. Washington- Not long ago people thought the Mutts were a bowl. Looking at their schedule I cannot find three more wins.

9. UCLA- Bad

10. WSU- worse

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